Tuesday, July 21, 2009

365 project - free templates

Hey! I just found a super neat blog by a cool gal that has been posting some REALLY great free templates over the last several years, the latest of which are all 365 project related. They are mostly all still available on her site! (with exception to a very few links that didn't work)
We're talking probably nearly a hundred free templates! Have a look at M Originals

Here's a sneak peek at her most recent, that I love, love, LOVE in a timeline format... (click the image to go there and grab it - while you're there check out all the other great stuff she's done!)

So, you know, when I start my 365 project... after I finish my first ever digiscrap project... then I will use this! hahah.

I'm still in the gather information (and freebies) stage...

I wonder if I will ever move beyond this?!


I am determined.

And this project 365 idea is really growing on me.

Have a GREAT day!!

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